Our Approach

Every business is unique, and each requires its own exclusive and personal touch. That is why we focus on quality, not quantity; we aim to provide a responsive and personal approach to each project to ensure that our clients can benefit from their investment.

Our Mission

Gurila Inc. specializes in not only changing public perception and raising brand awareness but also organically engaging the public and allowing them to advocate for your business. Our mission is to make you the reference and leading authority in any venture.

Our People

Our team consists of well-practiced, efficient professionals. We have what it takes to acquire a deep understanding and connection with your business. Our experts will help you bring your creative ideas to life, developing the best campaigns and strategies to meet all of your needs.

We Have The Right Solutions

Gurila Inc. is a media relations company specializing in modern social and web platforms. Embedding substance and value into each message that we deliver allows Gurila to be more effective at creating both presence and response.

Engagement Strategies

We use data to understand what people are interested in, why it matters to them and how they want to interact.

Digital and Social Communications

We create comprehensive social media strategies that align with your vision & brand. Go viral, spread the word, & reach more customers.

App Development

At Gurila, we don't just build apps. We create the kind of apps that people talk about, that they use over and over again.

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    Deeply engage with each client to understand the big picture so we can develop a cohesive plan that fits & builds upon your business’ overall strategy.

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    Come to understand the issues and trends that you face and the various audiences you serve – consumers, retailers, stakeholders, franchisees, etc.

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    We make sure we understand your objectives and then deliver strategy-based public relations plans and programs that are measurable to your goals.

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    Run projects with small, focused teams that work with you, or large, robust teams who integrate with you to become a seamless element of your operations.

Our Latest News

Read more about our latest news posts and be informed. We understand the success secrets of the world's most successful business companies.

Our Clients

Gurila has the breadth and depth of press, media and analyst relationships that are used to grow big companies, but they also bring the scrappy, gritty, “we’re all in this together” attitude of a startup. They are a great partner and an integral part of our success!
Mark William - Senior Analyst

Gurila Inc. has an enviable track record in delivering cost effective and creative solution in PR. Their personable style and industry knowledge, together with a large network of contacts, ensures that they constantly deliver great results in a timely manner.
Emily Ross - Marketing Director

Gurila never hesitates to get involved, and they have helped myself and my company achieve some amazing things.
Andrew Adams - Managing Editor

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